Ben Birch

Project Advisor

Ben is on the rescue team as a project advisor. He is a proud father of surviving preterm born 950grams in the United Kingdom in 2005. It was extremely tough for the family to nurture their extremely low birth rate baby boy whiles in the United Kingdom. His son, Gerald, lives happily with both parents and two senior siblings in Ghana now and performs impressively well at school and other extracurricular activities. He is helpful at home too. He is a miracle child indeed.

Ben has a combined total of approximately 20years experience in finance, management consulting, marketing, project management, strategy and working with both for-profit and non-profit areas of focus.

He has developed the necessary leadership skills and competencies to deliver exceptional and outstanding results in challenging and complex projects. Also, he uses his insights and experience to make a lasting impact on program implementation of the AFPNC’S intervention initiatives.