Who We Are

AFPNC is the voice for premature babies born in Africa and their families. It is a not for profit organisation and network to represent the interests of preterm and ill newborn infants in Africa and their families.

In giving preterm infants and their families a voice, we are combining forces of parents, professionals, scientists and other stakeholders from different disciplines involved in pregnancy and childbirth in Africa and beyond with the common goal of fundraising and advocacy. This is to improve the long-term health of preterm and newborn children by ensuring the best possible prevention, cost-effective treatment, care, and support.

In order to minimise excuses for the cause of preterm death in Africa, the organisation, in partnership with stakeholders is focused on adopting every proper and acceptable means that has received attention in our generation to advocate and raise funds to sustain its projects.

Our Aim

Our work is dedicated to advocating and raising funds to improve the situation of mothers and providing favourable environment that offers premature and sick babies the chance to fight for their survival in Africa in partnership with stakeholders.

Our Objective

To ensure that every baby especially preterm born in Africa receives the best start in healthcare. Hence, our implementation focuses on these core areas.

Pre-Conception and Mother Care

Healthy children need healthy mothers. Hence, every woman and couple has the right to receive comprehensive information about the important factors that influence their own baby’s health as well as quality care before conception and during pregnancy. In Africa, maternal mortality is unacceptably high. According to WHO, every day, approximately 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth and 99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries. Maternal mortality is higher in women living in rural areas and among poorer communities. Our goal is to partner with stakeholders to ensure that widely accessible information and the provision of quality, targeted and effective maternal care for the African woman before, during and after childbirth is achieved to reduce maternal mortality in accordance with MDG 5 (Maternal health).

Treatment and Care

Investing in the quality of health care for children is crucial as they constitute the future of a nation. In Africa, there are several factors that contribute to neonatal health challenges particularly premature birth and sick newborn. Treatment and care for preterm and sick newborn can be financially consuming for many families in Africa due to poverty. This is a threat to their survival. The AFPNC supports the view that preterm and newborn infants must be guaranteed excellent, developmentally supportive, cost-effective treatment and care wherever they may be born in Africa. With the development of best practice standards, we aim to work with stakeholders to continuously improve treatment and care for all children and their families across borders.

Follow Up and Continue Care

We seek to improve the long-term health of preterm infants and ill newborns. This also includes the provision of medical, psychological, socio-pedagogical and financial support for the children and their families. Our goal is to compile worldwide standards to determine the care of this patient group receives.

Neonatal Health Professionals Training Support

Preterm infants and ill newborns require special care by experts. Our role in empowering neonatal health professionals is to partner with stakeholders to create platform for exchange of knowledge, facilitate training programs and financial support for specialized courses on neonatal health.

At AFPNC we say let’s do everything humanly possible to provide a fighting chance for preterm and sick babies and let it be that they pass on to Glory because their creator called them home.