Selina Bentoom – Founder & Executive Director

Selina Bentoom is a mother of a surviving preterm child born in Africa, Founder and Executive Director of the African Foundation for Premature Babies and Neonatal Care (AFPNC). She is also the Chief Executive Officer of Elorkor Brands -a Human-Capital Development, Corporate Events and Media Management company. In August 2016, the Ghana Health Service appointed her to serve as a member of the National Newborn Steering Sub-Committee and Advocacy & Communication Sub-Committee for Newborn and Child Health. She has since been working with the team to achieve set targets in Newborn and Child Health in Ghana.

In April 2015, she gave birth to her premature baby boy in Ghana weighing 1.4kg.Although, she was not diagnosed with any medical condition that could threaten or cause premature birth, before 32 weeks gestation she suffered Premature Rapture of Membrane (PROM). Her premature baby boy survived with less than 250 ml of amniotic fluid with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck twice. Her son is a healthy boy now.

As the Founder and Lead Advocate of the organisation, she initiates and embarks on awareness campaigns and raise funds with the AFPNC team in partnership with stakeholders. With the AFPNC team, she has created a network for mothers & families of preterm babies and infant development specialists in Ghana. She is also responsible for providing strategic planning and oversees the overall management of the organisation.

Esther Wodui – Coordinator, Preterm Family Network (Greater Accra Chapter)

Esther Wodui joins the rescue team as the Coordinator for Preterm Family Network (Greater Accra Chapter) and an advocate for preterm babies and their mothers. In 2015, Esther gave birth to triplets boys prematurely with extremely low birth weight at Korle Bu in Ghana. Painfully, she lost two of her boys and is survived with one now.

The night of their birthday, she lost the oldest baby with the most weight, 1kg and who was also the healthiest according to the labour medical staff. The most painful loss was her 2nd senior baby who remained stable most of the 8weeks stay at NICU. He died whilst receiving a blood transfusion and the lack of simple but vital tools like ventilators that could be used in reviving her son. The excruciating pain emanating from this experience lingers on.

Esther believes that her contribution to the rescue team of the AFPNC is in honour of the memory of her boys and to ensure that more babies are rescued and tears of mothers have wiped away. Her role includes providing advocacy, leadership and coordinating members and programs at the community level.

She is a trained Social Worker and an advocate for the cause of the vulnerable, children, physically challenged and the elderly in society. Currently, she is the Headmistress of Perpetual Help School, a privately owned Basic school located in Accra.

Ben Birch – Mensah, Project Advisor

Ben is on the rescue team as a project advisor. He is a proud father of a surviving preterm born 950grams in the United Kingdom in 2005. It was extremely tough for the family to nurture their extremely low birth rate baby boy whiles in the United Kingdom. His son, Gerald, lives happily with both parents and two senior siblings in Ghana now and performs impressively well at school and other extracurricular activities. He is helpful at home too. He is a miracle child indeed.

Ben has a combined total of approximately 20years experience in finance, management consulting, marketing, project management, strategy and working with both for-profit and non-profit areas of focus.

He has developed the necessary leadership skills and competencies to deliver exceptional and outstanding results in challenging and complex projects. Also, he uses his insights and experience to make a lasting impact on program implementation of the AFPNC’S intervention initiatives.