Nanayire Dr. Gifty Anti

Nanayire Dr. Gifty Anti is a Journalist by profession, a women’s rights advocate and the Chief Executive of GDA Concepts. She also hosts her own show, The Standpoint which is aired on the national television and ABN TV in the UK. In the past years, Nanayire Dr. Gifty Anti has contributed immensely in empowering young girls and has been a true source of inspiration to women in Africa. She is the Founder of the Girl in Need Foundation and has since used the platform to rescue many girls from an abusive environment.

She is an Ambassador for the campaign against Newborn deaths. Dr. Gifty Anti has won many awards for her advocacy and activism work over the years with some of the recent ones being The African Women in Leadership Organisation’s Excellence Award “Giving Women A Platform and A Voice, United Nation’s MDGs 4&5 Ambassador Award 2012, Radio/Television Personality “TV presenter on Developmental Issues 2013” and many more.

She believes her role as a Patron of the AFPNC offers her another big platform to be a voice for premature babies born in Africa.

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